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Tamar Valley Pet Cremation Service Cornwall
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by Philippa Elms on Tamar Valley Pet Cremation Service Cornwall

We have had such a shock with the sudden loss of Saffi, our beautiful border terrier. Thank you Dawn for your compassion at such an awful time. We felt reassured leaving her in your care and found collection very easy, thank goodness we found you. A lovely thought to add your card and named heart. X

Paul and Philippa

Thank you so much Philippa and Paul for your lovely review. I am so please you liked the card and Heart and also that you found me. Kind Regards Dawn

by Marilyn Vandome on Tamar Valley Pet Cremation Service Cornwall
Sincere thanks .........

I had to have my beautiful little cat put to sleep on 31st August 2021 at the age of 16 1/2. I was absolutely heartbroken and I can't thank Dawn enough for her kindness and understanding towards me on that terrible day.

She phoned soon after I arrived home from the vet's to say she had picked Leila up and she was safely with her. I had no way of getting to the crematorium and was worried how I was going to get her ashes back, but Dawn very kindly said she would bring her home to me later that day.

She kept me informed with further phone calls regarding her schedule and likely time of arrival. She explained that she also runs a boarding kennel and she would come to me after she had walked all the dogs for the evening.

She drove all the way to Looe to bring Leila home to me, arriving approximately 7:00 - 7.15pm. I can't thank you enough, Dawn. You went over and above what was necessary, and I will never forget that and will always be grateful. You are one very special person. Lots of love to you. Marilyn Vandome xx

Ah Marilyn thank you so very much for your very kind review. I really appreciate your kind words. I truly hope your little boy is doing better now. Kind regards Dawn

by Christine Bennett on Tamar Valley Pet Cremation Service Cornwall
Tamar Valley Pet Cremation

An amazing service from kind and caring people at such a sad time in my life. Dawn took my little dog Merlin and carried him inside to be cremated and I picked him up a couple of days later and was surprised to find a lovely card, certificate and my choice of scatter tube so beautifully presented and waiting for me. Thank you for helping me to say goodbye to my Merlin.

Thank you Christine, I am glad you found me and I could help you with little Merlin. Your kind words mean the world. Kind Regards Dawn

by Sue Thompson on Tamar Valley Pet Cremation Service Cornwall
Our Beautiful Buddy

Thank you so much Dawn for the wonderful service you provided for our springer spaniel Buddy. We took him to you on his final journey & cannot thank you enough for your kindness & compassion at such a sad time, you truly are amazing.

Phil & Sue


Thank you Sue for your very kind review, all our reviews mean so much to us as a small family run business. Kind regards Dawn

by Kathy Phillips on Tamar Valley Pet Cremation Service Cornwall


I cannot thankyou enough for last week when i had to say goodbye to my darling cat of 17 years " Bobby", i was so upset i had to being a friend with me because i get lost everywhere!! You were so lovely and we even got to meet the " funeral director!!!" That put my heart at peace!! I can see where you are from my window in plymouth so was looking over her still xxx picking her up was emotional because of the lovely touches you had added, i cannot thank you enough, i was recommended you by a friend and will do the same a million times over, THANKYOU XXX

Ah Kathy thank you so very much for the absolutely lovely review. I am glad you could see us from your window so you could be with Bobby. Ha Ha " The Funeral Director" is still walking slowly in front of the cars. Bless Sapphire's little socks. Kind regards Dawn

by Rich & Bex on Tamar Valley Pet Cremation Service Cornwall
A huge thank you from us


Well what can I say, we were in real shock and upset when we suddenly lost our little cat Nigel a few weeks ago and we really didn’t know what to do.

Right from the start the service you provided us was absolutely gold standard. We really wanted him to stay local to us instead of being sent away with a larger branded company and thank god we found you.

I was unsure how I was going to feel coming up to collect him today but your premises with the outstanding views were amazing and calming.

When I arrived Nigel was ready and awaiting to come back home to us. We were even more surprised when there was a print of his paw in with the parcel and this alone nearly bought us to tears (once again 😊)

We cannot honestly thank you enough for what you have done for us ; with the attention to detail, and we would highly recommend you to another should they need such service

Please continue with what you’re doing as it makes these horrible situations so much more comforting for us all.

Best Regards

Rich, Bex & Nigel


Rich and Bex, Firstly so very sorry for the loss of beautiful Nigel. I am glad you found me and I could help with Nigel's final journey. Please take care and thank you so much for your lovely review. Kind regards Dawn

by Celia Bool on Tamar Valley Pet Cremation Service Cornwall
Thank you.

Dawn. I honestly don’t think there are enough words to express our gratitude to you for looking after our darling Ruby this week. Knowing that she was being treated with dignity and compassion on her final journey made a heartbreaking time easier to cope with.

I knew leaving her would be so very painful and you were so lovely and reassuring. I’ll never forget your kindness.

I also knew from that first tearful phone conversation that you were a really special lady and genuinely care for the animals entrusted to you.

Our girl meant the world to us and seeing her name on the love heart today when I picked her up was incredibly special and such a beautiful touch.

Thank you so very much.

The Bool family. x

Dear Bool Family, I am so very pleased that you found me and I could assist you with Ruby's final journey. Thank you so very much for your kind review. Kind Regards Dawn

by Sarah on Tamar Valley Pet Cremation Service Cornwall
Many thanks

When I lost my beautiful boy Tigs, Dawn collected him from the vets within an hour of me contacting her and let me know he was with her and my beautiful boy was returned home the same day. All throughout Dawn was very caring and considerate and I can not recommend her highly enough. Thankyou Dawn from the bottom of my heart, Sarah xx

Sarah once again I am so very sorry for your loss. I am glad I was able to assist you with Tigs final journey. Take care Dawn

by Mark & Sarah on Tamar Valley Pet Cremation Service Cornwall
Compassionate and professional

Thank you Dawn for your compassion and professionalism with sending our beloved Reggie on his final journey. It was such a blessing knowing he was in your care at this extremely difficult time for us . Q

Best Wishes

Mark & Sarah

So very sorry for Reggie's Loss, but I am glad you found me and I could take Reggie on his final journey. Thank you for your kind words. Kind regards Dawn

by Mary Hutchings on Tamar Valley Pet Cremation Service Cornwall
Best place for our lovely pets when we have to say goodbye

Thank you so much Dawn for again helping me with such a hard time on the lose of my beautiful Maccy, you made it just a bit easier knowing that my Maccy you would treat with care This is my 3 cat that I have taken to you in 13 months and am so grateful that you meet me so that I didn't have to travel so far as you know going through a bad time Highly recommend Dawn and her service Thank You from the bottom of my heart xx

Oh bless you Mary thank you for your lovely review, I hope things get a little easier for you soon and that your husband makes a full recovery. With love Dawn

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 Name    Suzanne Fieldgate

Email     suzannebobby1

Phone Number                 01566—

Message              Thank you, so much, for bringing Bobby back so quickly… even though we understood that it couldn’t be guaranteed. We appreciate all of your efforts to have done that and would like to offer an extra Thank you, for that alone.

Bobby was part of our lives for seventeen years (and will be in our hearts forever). When he passed away, we didn’t want him to leave and it was with a feeling of dread and unease, that we began to look for a cremation service. He had never been out without us and he had never been handled by anybody else.

Luckily (it turned out), we came across Tamar Valley pet cremation. The website and reviews confirmed what we needed to hear. We would receive all of Bobby’s remains and only his. There would be minimum, if any, contact with Bobby. These things were important to us. We didn’t know what to expect, as we had never had an animal cremated before. Our email was sent on a Sunday. The next morning, a response was waiting.

Dawn (and whoever else may have been involved) was ready to collect our little boy at the time arranged. We had communicated beforehand, by email and telephone, so had the details sorted out. The communication involved questions, which were answered fully and kindly and so we had some relief.

All that was left was to let him go. Dawn was ready with a basket and blanket, which wasn’t needed but it was good to know that there wouldn’t have been a problem, if we hadn’t had one. Thank you.

Dawn telephoned a few hours later to say that Bobby would be returned by about half past three. We didn’t expect it and were (and still are) so grateful for the act, which reflects the exemplary service that Dawn and her team have created. We were also informed that we had overpaid, due to Bobby’s size. We would have been none the wiser but the honesty elevates the team to a level beyond business.

We already have an urn arriving, so didn’t need one – though it can be arranged. The package, containing Bobby, was a nice surprise. Inside a handled carton, was a bamboo slip bag. Inside this, was cloth bag and, within that, was a polythene package containing Bobby’s ashes. The whole package itself is very calming, due to the materials involved and the perfectly neat and tidy way that Bobby was held, among it all.

As I type this, we are all safe and together again, with untarnished feelings due to the one part that could easily have left a bad taste. Tamar Valley pet cremation offers a service that I cannot recommend highly enough. I will pass my positive experience on to whoever will listen.

Dawn and team… Thank you for everything.

Please feel free to use any of the above as customer feedback.

I apologise for any errors, omissions and anything else left unsaid.

Take Care.

Dear Suzanne

Thank you so much for your very kind words.  They mean so much to us.  We are a small family run company and try to go above and beyond what other companies offer.  We felt so very sorry for your loss of bobby who you had looked after for 17 years and wanted to meet as many of your requirements as we possibly could.

Your kind and lovely review means the world to us.

Many thanks


I wanted to add one more thing.

Yesterday evening, we discovered the wooden heart attached to the carrier. Seeing Bobby’s name written on it was unexpected and moving. A small gesture but one that created feelings of affection. To us, he’s Bobby and it meant he was Bobby before his final physical journey.

Thank You for everything. It means more than you may know.


    Thank you to Dawn and Russell’s personal service taking care of our beautiful loved cat Foggy this week, suddenly taken from us, I couldn’t bare the options presented to us at the vets/pdsa for Foggy after he was put so sleep, so I searched for an alternative and found this one which was such a relief to know that Foggy would be personally collected from home. Russell came and took Foggy as I had laid him out with a posy of flowering shrubs from our garden that he liked to lay under. He was lifted carefully into a basket and Russell said that his is how he would travel and be laid to rest for his cremation, so not disturbed. This made me feel so relieved. Russell stayed with Foggy for the duration and returned the very next day personally with Foggy’s ashes in the lovely wooden sleeping cat, which I then was able to cuddle and lay him on the pillow in the chair where he’d last been, with more of the same flowers. This was lovely for my family and meant that we were able to grieve and have some closure in a short space of time rather than feeling low about the whereabouts of his body and then ashes over a period of a couple weeks. This service seriously made the horrendous shock and loss, so much less painful and reassuring, calm and peaceful

Very sad to post that Peanut our new female bunny passed away this morning but our sister company Tamar Valley Pet Cremation have cremated her for us and Ellie and I will be scattering her ashes on Kit Hill tomorrow.


Jane Cornbill

11 December 2016 · Gunnislake ·



A very difficult subject to broach, losing a family pet but I wish I had known earlier in the year when we lost Roxy about this local, family run business. Definitely would have made the choice to let Dawn look after Roxy in a kind, caring and sympathetic manner. Life is full of choices…..when we know what our options are. Makes sense to me xx Tamar Valley Pet Cremation

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